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What's New in Google Earth?

July Imagery Update in Google Earth

New and Updated Imagery
On July 11th we introduced an update to Google Earth's imagery database covering a wide range of areas in the Americas, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Oceania, and Asia. We also released details of the update in both a written list, and also in a KML file you can view in Google Earth that shows outlines for the areas where the imagery changes occurred.

Moon in Google Earth

Moon in Google Earth Released
In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20th, we released a new option in Google Earth 5 which lets you view the moon in 3D. Select View->Explore->Moon in the Google Earth menu, or select the planet button. The moon mode has new layers with 3D models of spacecraft on the moon, images, movies, and other placemarks. There are even immersive lunar surface panoramas, composed of photos taken by the astronauts themselves, and presented for the first time in a 3D "Street View" style interface. See a YouTube video and our announcement of Moon in Google Earth. .

Lunar Rover Game in Google Earth

Lunar Rover Game
The Moon mode is also available in the Google Earth API, so developers can create new applications based on the moon. Try the Lunar Rover game where you can drive around using the same interface as our previous game ,Monster Milktruck. Have fun driving and bouncing off the terrain of the moon! Read more.

Apollo 11 Tour in Google Earth

Apollo 11 Google Earth Tour
As part of Moon in Google Earth, make sure you check out the Guided Tours Moon layers. There you'll find author Andrew Chaikin and Apollo 11 astronaut and author Buzz Aldrin co-narrating an immersive fly-through tour of the Apollo 11 landing site. Or view the tour right here in your browser, or watch a YouTube video of the tour.

Apollo 11 Moon Lander in Google Earth

Apollo 11 Moon Lander Game
Just one week after the release of Moon in Google Earth, Paul van Dinther of released a new free game called: Apollo 11 Moon Lander . The game actually simulates the approach and landing of a 3D Apollo 11 lunar module and lets you attempt to land with limited fuel. Moon Lander also has audio clips from the Apollo mission and, if you land successfully, you'll get the same familiar greeting from Houston Control. Read more or watch a video demo.

Lunar Rover Game in Google Earth

July 22nd Total Solar Eclipse
There was a total solar eclipse in the southeast Asia-Pacific region on July 22nd. You can see a simulation of the eclipse thanks to a nifty solar eclipse animation using the Google Earth Sky mode and produced by This animation is part of the Cosmic Visibility application which lets you see what night sky objects can be viewed from your location on Earth. screenshot of Googleplex

EarthURL - Sharing Locations with a Link
Googler Roman Nurik, who specializes in the Google Earth API, developed an application that lets you pick a 3D location in your browser with Google Earth and copy and share a short URL. Just visit . The resulting link is perfect for sharing a place with Twitter or other short message services. Here, for example, is the Googleplex in 3D There are other similar services available from other developers. Read more.

Dafur Crisis

News from Outreach - Crisis in Dafur Update
With the crisis in Darfur continuing to affect millions of people lives, the ability and vital importance for those documenting the situation to be able to inform people is of utmost significance. Since April 2007, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) has worked with Google to provide an emotive geospatial account of the destruction occurring in what is the largest country on the African continent. Now, the USHMM has updated the layer to document what is now more than 3,300 villages throughout Darfur that have been damaged or completely destroyed. Read more.

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Other Updates

Update to the Google Earth API Docs
We have re-vamped the documentation for the Google Earth API including new features, and improved readability. The documentation is intended for software developers. See the new Earth API documentation.

Google Earth Outreach Showcase
The Google Earth Outreach program helps nonprofit organizations display their information in an engaging, geospatial environment. Our showcase highlights a plethora of fascinating and innovative Google Earth and Maps examples created by individuals and organizations around the world working for the greater good. Want to participate? Read more.

Become a Google Earth Explorer!
Learn tips and tricks to explore the world, find interesting places and share content with others. Follow this hands-on learning game at your own pace until you complete each level and become a true explorer!

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