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Are humans permanently star-struck? Search queries would seem to indicate that we are – there’s no stopping fans or curiosity-seekers when it comes to finding the latest dish on the famous and infamous. We seem to like to follow the ups and the downs of people who are larger than life (and who we call by their first names) and 2005 had no shortage of either one.

Pop Princess Showdown
Mimi was emancipated this year, and Shakira had an oral fixation – but even without a new album, Britney, with her new husband and baby in tow, knew how to hit us one more time, (at least in search interest.)
Pop Princess
Beautiful People
The quintessential Hollywood golden couple, Brad (Pitt) and Jen (Aniston) announced their split in January. Then came much speculation followed by the adventures of Brad and a different leading lady – Angelina (Jolie), also quite adept at capturing headlines – and queries.
Beautiful People
You’re Fired (and Hired)
It wasn’t a good thing for Martha when she headed off to federal prison in 2004 for a five-month sentence, but by the time she got out in March, her trouble was over. Meanwhile, The Donald continued enjoying his own renaissance as his reality show continued. And once free, Martha started her search for an apprentice.

You're Fired
Old Love
An old romance had a happy ending in April when Prince Charles married his long-time love Camilla Parker-Bowles. Fans of the late Princess Diana may feel Camilla isn’t up to snuff, but we say don’t sneeze at the chance for mid-life happiness.
Old Love

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